Pottery & Picnic

We've had another pretty low-key weekend. Friday night I had a girls' night - we saw this "class" in the city's course listing that was margaritas, chips & salsa and pottery painting. We thought it might be something fun & different to do, and we were right! It was really fun - this pottery place had tons of different choices of stuff you can paint: bowls, platters, coasters, drawer pulls, mirrors, mugs, you name it. You could also do glass work, which Beth did. I chose a bowl and tried my darndest to be creative (luckily the store owner has a ton of samples sitting around, so you can get ideas). I will take pictures of the finished product when I get it back next week (it has to be fired in the kiln first). Here are some action photos:
Kate even used the spinning wheel thing (think Ghost) to paint hers.
Saturday, Melissa and I took my niece Paige to the Old Tyme St. Peters Picnic. It was not as big as I expected, but they had about 10 rides or so, games and food. I think Paige had a good time - we took turns riding rides with her, and watched her when she tried (successfully!!) to dunk the alderman in the dunk booth - man, was that guy surprised!! I think she was the first one to actually dunk him after several grown men had tried to no ado.
The ride below almost made me lose my lunch, and Paige really liked it so Melissa and I were BOTH lucky enough to take a ride with her!
Today we're celebrating Father's Day at Jason's parents' house. I think after we eat the whole crew is going to go watch Jason's softball games. Fun times.
Here are some pictures of Mia just being cute at our house on Wednesday night:
Notice the closed eyes in this one - she does that if she knows you're taking her picture - little goofball!

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