Dave & Patio

Amanda & I went to the Dave Matthews Band concert last night with the tickets Jason bought for my birthday. It was the first ever concert at the new Busch Stadium. It was awesome! I had forgotten how much I love Dave! I mean, just look at him:They played a lot of their older stuff, which was really fun. Tim Reynolds is touring with them, which is an added bonus and they said last night that he is from St. Louis - who knew? He had a Cardinals hat on and Carter, the drummer, had on a Cardinals jersey. Love it! We had a lot of fun!

Update on the patio: last night at a post-block party gathering, a neighbor that we don't know told us that the guy who runs the homeowners' association is "just waiting" for us to pour concrete so that he can come tell us to tear it up. Apparently we're supposed to fill out a form and get "approval" from the association. The approval part is not what bothers me (though it bothers Jason - he says it's our property so they shouldn't have a say), it's the fact that the guy is just sitting there waiting for us to spend a crap load of money just so he can come and ruin it for us. Why not come tell us now, "oh, by the way, you have to get that approved..." Hopefully the approval process doesn't take long because I think the guy with the bobcat is coming tomorrow or Tuesday night to back fill with dirt and then we'll be ready for concrete!

Today's project is finishing up the gravel and drainage pipes, and putting the caps on the stairs (he still needs to cut a few blocks to finish them off):

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