Long Weekend, But Not Long Enough

We had a nice holiday weekend, but I wish it wasn't Sunday night already. Thursday night we hung out with a bunch of neighbors who were shooting off fireworks. It was a lot of fun, and we met quite a few new neighbors. Friday we hung around at Greg & Melissa's house, played wiffle ball and yard golf, and BBQed. In the evening we went to O'Fallon's Heritage & Freedom Fest (i.e., carnival), which included free concerts by Candlebox and the Gin Blossoms. It was kind of fun to hear the one song from each of those bands that I loved back in the 90s. After the concerts there was a big fireworks display. It would have been a perfect night if they hadn't had about 30 porta-potties for about 25,000 people. The lines were like an hour long!!Saturday we took yet another day off from laboring on the patio and just lazed around. When we finally got moving, we went with Greg & Melissa to Hooters to watch the Cards game, which was a very exciting win against the rival Cubs. After that, we met up with some neighbors and went to McGurk's, which is a bar with a really nice patio. I can't believe how perfect the weather was this weekend!

It certainly is fun that we have good neighbors. There are two couples that we really enjoy hanging out with (in addition to Greg & Mel, of course), and I have a feeling we'll get to know a few others that we met Friday night. I definitely think having fun neighbors will come in handy when we have babies and just hang out at home a lot.

Today we finally bit the bullet and got back to work on the patio. We made some good progress, but we still have to finish off the last part, which involves a wide step leading to the yard. We are certainly going to sleep well tonight!
Here are some funny pictures - sometimes I think these guys might share one brain. And apparently that night their brain was saying "make a stupid face in the picture."

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