We went out to the house last night, but because I had worked late, it was already pretty dark when we got there. That presented problems for my photo taking, and it was pitch black in our house. We thought we'd be able to use their work light, which has been plugged in to an outlet in the basement, but those darn workers took the cord with them! Jason's parents were our saviors and brought over a super duper flashlight and an extension cord. Phew!

Anyway, the picture above is the best one I have - the new brick on the front looks awesome! They obviously still have to fix the siding (where you can see the board above the brick in the picture) - they may have done that today, we're not sure. They also finished the brick for the fireplace, installed almost all of our lights, put in the outlets & light switches (though they're not yet wired to the circuit box downstairs - hence the sea of darkness) and put in our shower door.

Things are moving very quickly! Hopefully I can get out there early enough to take decent pictures one of these night, but more likely it will have to wait until Saturday (darn year-end!).

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