I know I haven't posted anything this week, but we only went to the house Tuesday night, so there wasn't much to report...until this weekend. We painted the kitchen and both bathrooms this weekend! They look great (in my opinion, of course). I really LOVE my chocolate brown master bath, and the hall bath is a mustard/goldish yellow color, which is going to look great with our new shower curtain. The kitchen is a pretty bright gold color, which is a little overwhelming right now, but I think it's going to look awesome when they get the cabinets in (hopefully this week, since they're in our garage already) and you can't see as much yellow. I'm so glad to have it out of the way, thanks to Melissa & my dad, who donated their painting assistance and to Greg & my mom for their lunch delivery services!!

They've already installed our linoleum floors, which are in the kitchen, both bathrooms and the laundry room, and they've starting hanging the trim and interior doors (so far, just the 2 spare bedrooms are finished). This should be a big week for changes, and we're hoping to get a closing date early this week, so stay tuned!

Here we are hard at work Saturday:

Here is the master bath:
Here's the completed kitchen - notice the floor too (kind of covered in dust):

And here is the hall bath (kind of hard to tell the color):

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