Closing Date

Well, we finally got our closing date today - October 5th! Yes, that's 3 weeks from this Friday - craziness! We're ecstatic! Note to all the St. Louisans who are looking for a good workout: I know just the place on Saturday, October 6th. Also note that all movers will be rewarded with free booze and a gourmet meal (such as pizza). Thanks in advance to everyone who helps us!

I made it out to the house a little earlier tonight, so I was able to get some better pictures of the cabinets. Other changes are: trim and doors hung in master bedroom, bathroom sinks installed and the beginnings of a step at our garage/laundry room entry.

Master bathroom (his & hers vanities):

Kitchen (picture on left is where microwave & stove will be, on right is where sink & dishwasher will be, and bottom is where fridge will be & the white part is the pantry):

Hall bathroom & entryway to master bedroom (notice the dark hinges):

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