They put most of the countertops in! They told us it would take 2 weeks from when they measured, which was a mere week ago. Very exciting - they look great. They also have all of the lights installed and about 1/2 of them are wired and turn on with their switches. They fixed our hardwoods, so now they appropriately go all the way down the hallway. What else? Oh, they installed our microwave. The stove & dishwasher will be delivered Sunday, so that, along with the rest of the countertops will pretty much complete the kitchen I think.

It's all happening so fast now that it's the last few weeks (2 weeks from tomorrow, to be exact!). We are VERY excited!

In other news, Cyndi & Todd closed on their house today, so they are officially the winners of the contest. We went by tonight, and their house is fabulous! They were painting their bedroom (while Jason & I watched...while drinking their beer - it was great), and the color they picked is awesome! It's a milk chocolate-ish color, or kind of like chocolate milk. Going to look great with their new bedspread.

Anyway, here are tonight's pictures from our house:

From the outside, still missing the last couple rows of siding:

The kitchen with microwave & countertops:

The fireplace (actually looks great, despite the screw-ups) and the 1/2-built banister:

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