Little changes

Jason went by the house tonight, and they put up the wooden gate thing to block the drop-off from the back door (required until we build steps), they hung the mirrors in the master bath, and they cleaned up in the spare bedrooms - he thinks in preparation for coat two of white paint. They also put up all the brick on the front of the house and he said it looks really good. He said the mortar is a little darker than the stuff that's already there, but our friend Steve Kuehler (a brick expert) tells us not to worry until it dries completely - probably a whole week. I can't wait to see it - we'll go back out tomorrow night, and I'll take the camera, so we'll have some pictures to post I'm sure.

On another note, this is the second time in the past few days that they've left our house wide open - I'm talking garage door open, front door open and windows open. It's pretty frustrating because so much is done in our house and some kook could just go mess it all up. Somebody will be getting a phone call from us tomorrow (AGAIN!).

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