Classes at the Zoo

In December I took each of the boys to a class at the Zoo.  We were lucky and had Ms Julie as the instructor for both classes; she has been the favorite of all the classes we've attended.  First, I took Jack to a class called Winter Wonders.  We talked about hibernation and animals who do and do not hibernate.  It was very interesting and Jack participated in the discussion A LOT.  His friend Colby from his class happened to be there, so that was a fun surprise.  As always, we got to meet and touch a few animals.  This time it was an owl, a big rabbit and an albino snake.

 Charlie's class was the following weekend, and it was called Critter Crafts.  It was a cute little class.  We read a couple books and then did some crafts (as the title suggests).  Charlie was shy during the books and songs, but he really had fun doing the crafts.  He enjoyed the animals at the end too.

I wish we could do more classes at the zoo.  They tend to fill up quickly, especially the weekend ones, but I'm sure we will sign up for more of them in the future.

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