Cakeway to the West

This year St. Louis was celebrating its 250th anniversary, so they created the Cakeway to the West.  They basically enlisted lots of artists to create cakes commemorating various sites and events in St. Louis.  There were 250 cakes and they were scattered around the city.  It became a scavenger hunt of sorts.  We did not set out to see them all, but we did take pictures any time we came across one.  Here are the cakes we saw:
Grant's Farm (May)

Busch Stadium (June)

Transportation Museum (July)

Botanical Gardens (this was the end of our visit and I don't think Charlie wanted to leave) (July)
Laclede's Landing (August)
Forest Park (December)

Art Museum (December)
I think this one is from Creve Coeur Park

Looking back, I wish we had made a bigger effort to see more of them, but at least we saw a few.

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