Other Miscellaneous December

Just a few other non-holiday updates from December.  First, Charlie had his 3-month check-up at the eye doctor.  They said his eye was making progress, but to speed things up a little he recommended we get him a patch.  He suggested starting with 2 hours a day to see if it helped.  The idea is that you cover up the good eye with the patch to strengthen the weaker eye.
We bought these little patches that slip right over his glasses.  We told Charlie he would look like a pirate, so he was a little excited at first.  Once we put the patch on, however, he was less into it.  I honestly think he's not seeing as well out of his left eye, so I'm sure that was part of it.  He looks awfully cute in his little patch!!

He has been a total trooper and doesn't put up much of a fight when we put it on him.  He generally wears it all morning (we're overachievers like that) except for school days, where he just wears it from when he wakes up until we get to school (about 1.5-2 hours).

Just a few pictures of Charsie being silly...

 After he took his headband off, he had crazy hair (and a Zoolander-esque pose)...
 A few days later Jack too his hat off in Old Navy and he had he same hair...
My Mom and I had a double date with my friend Rebecca and her mom to the Fox to see Straight No Chaser.  We LOVE this a capella group and we go see them every year.  VERY talented and very entertaining.  Fun night!

And finally, one night I came out to the living room and the boys were lying like this watching tv.  Turns out they can be so sweet.....sometimes.

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