The Boys' First Bowling Experience

The first weekend in December, we made a plan with my friend Angie from high school (and her husband Matt) to take the boys and her son Brooks bowling, which was a first for all of them.  We met at the nice Brunswick Zone near our house but they were completely booked.  Plan B was an older, dumpier bowling alley, but the good news is our city is smoke free, so at least we weren't contending with clouds of smoke.  The boys LOVED it!  Poor Charlie was still sporting his sling, and our plan B place didn't have ramps for the littles to use.  He did fine; we just had to help him get his ball up to the lane, where he would push it.

Apparently I neglected to get any pictures of Brooks, but he was there and loved it too!

Angie was the big winner!

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