Girls Trip - Austin, TX

In November, my life long friends and I decided to do a second annual girls getaway weekend.  Our first trip last year was to Scottsdale.  This year we decided to check out Austin, Texas instead.  Unfortunately, our friend Angie couldn't make it this year, so it was Jules, Laura and me.  It worked out great because my friend Amanda from college moved to San Antonio several years ago (and I've only seen her once since then!).  Turns out that's just an hour from Austin, so I tacked on a little visit on my way to meet my friends.  We had a nice 18 hours catching up.

Then Amanda and Greg were gracious enough to drive me up to Austin to meet up with the girls.  It was warm in Texas, but was a rainy weekend, which was kind of a bummer.  We had lots of good meals and a couple laid back nights out, but more importantly, lots of catching up, laughing and sleeping!  We had a great visit!

We found a bar with a bowling alley so decided to play a quick game.  Here is a step-by-step of Laura performing her 'I got a strike' maneuver.  I'm pretty sure she won the game.

Sunday morning, we went to the famous gospel brunch at Stubb's BBQ.  The food was good and we enjoyed the music, but we decided to sneak out after we finished eating to go back and relax in our hotel room.
 Sunday was finally sunny, so we did a little walking around in the city.
These girls are some of my best friends.  We grew up together and though we live far away from each other (Laura in San Francisco, Julie in Chicago*), when we get together it's like we've never missed a beat!  I love these girls and I'm so grateful we've been able to take these little trips.  Hopefully Ang can join us again next time!

*A couple weeks ago Jules and Adam relocated to Singapore!!  They will be there for a few years, but are planning a long visit home each summer, so we will still get to see them.  I'm secretly hoping we can sneak in a visit while they're there (I've been for work twice (here and here) and loved it; what a great opportunity it would be to visit with Jason!).

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