Snow Days

We had a few snowy days in February which made for some fun (though short-lived because it was so cold!) times outside.  The first day of snow was on a Sunday so we got all bundled up and went over to Aunt Cyndi and Uncle Todd's house to go sledding with Mia and Lily.

Charlie looked like Randy, the little brother from A Christmas Story:
 I think he was afraid to turn his head
We got outside and Charlie immediately wanted his gloves off, so needless to say he wasn't outside very long.  Luckily Grandma Clayton was there to hang out with him inside.  Jack, Mia and Lily had fun going down the small hill on the side of their house, and then later playing on the snow-filled neighborhood playground.

We tried to send Charlie down the hill once but he didn't get the concept and immediately rolled off the sled.

Then last week we had another day of snow so we got all bundled up for a few minutes to watch Daddy shovel snow.  Of course, Charlie and I had to go right back in again so his little hands wouldn't freeze off.  Jack, Daddy and neighbor Tony shoveled our driveway and theirs.

This video isn't all that exciting, but I love how Charlie walks with his millions of layers.  Good stuff.

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