Jack's Overnight at Addi's

In February, Jack had his first overnight at somewhere other than the grandparents' houses.  We had a trivia night to attend and both sets of grandparents were out of town, so we asked the Ashers if the boys could come to their house for the evening.  Then poor Mr. Charlie threw a wrench in the plans by getting sick Friday afternoon - he vomited a couple times Friday and then again Saturday morning.  He seemed fine after that, so we decided to still go to trivia.  Melissa so graciously volunteered to come to our house with Addi so Charlie wouldn't contaminate their house or Ethan, and then Jack and Addi could still have their play date.
All was going well until after dinner when Charlie threw up again!  Yes, you can say it...Jason and I are not winning any parent of the year awards for leaving our sick baby with our unsuspecting friend.  We really thought he seemed better!!  Anyway, after that episode, the Ashers did some rearranging and Melissa got Charlie into bed at our house, then Greg came down and sat with him while Melissa took Jack, Addi and Ethan to their house (up the street).

At bedtime I talked to Melissa and she said Jack and Addi were reading books in Addi's bed, but Jack wasn't sure about spending the night.  I asked her to tell him we would pick him up on our way home and he seemed satisfied with that.  The next time I talked to Melissa they were sound asleep so we decided to just leave him there and she would explain to him when he woke up that since he was sleeping we just decided to let him stay there.
Turns out our big shot didn't make a peep all night and when they woke up in the morning, he didn't act at all surprised to still be there.  He happily ate breakfast with them and played until I picked him up (when he begrudgingly went home with me).  I'd say his first sleepover was a success!!

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