Happy Valentine's Day

Every year I try to think of something a little different for the boys to give their friends on Valentine's Day.  Luckily with the help of the internet and specifically, Pinterest, there is no shortage of ideas!  This year Charlie's class was kind of mixed - about half brought nothing, a few brought store-bought character-type cards and we brought these:

For Jack's I was hoping for something he could help me with so we went with this idea.  The night before Valentine's Day, he helped me put food coloring into the play dough and stir it all up.  I couldn't find a mini heart cookie cutter, so they ended up being a little bigger than I'd have liked.  Oh, and I've lost all ability to plan ahead for stuff like this, so I used paper bags that we had on hand for the packaging; not as cute as I was imagining, but it did the trick.  My favorite part was having Jack sign his name on all the recipe cards.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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