Jack started soccer again at Vetta Sports a few weeks ago.  It's still not games (apparently you have to be 4 for that) but it's the next class up from last year.  Jack is mostly enjoying it.  A few mornings he has said he doesn't want to go, but then when we get there he has a lot of fun.

This session, the parents were on the field for the first 4 weeks, but staying off to the side as much as possible.  Starting in week 5 (last week), parents were supposed to be in the stands and not on the field at all.  Strangely, only about half of the parents listened, which made it a little difficult for those whose parents weren't on the field.  Jack called me down there no less than 4 times, but they were for legitimate reasons at least: 1. tie his shoe, 2. he got some tire crumbles from the turf in his eye (ouch!), 3. he collided with another kid (he was fine, but needed a Mommy hug) and 4. he needed a kleenex.  I think I got more exercise going back and forth than he did!!

The really fun part is that they took pictures a few weeks ago: an individual and a team photo.  We haven't gotten the proofs back yet, but I was able to sneak a team photo with my camera.  So cute!

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