After Christmas and New Year's Eve

After Christmas we spent a lot of time enjoying all of our new presents!  Aunt Kelly, Uncle Greg and Parker came by on their way out of town and the boys showed her their new trampoline.

Jack and Charlie have both been enjoying their new chairs.  Charlie loves to climb over the back onto the couch and then face plant back onto it.  Endless fun.  Our friends enjoy the chairs too.

Ethan Asher sitting on Reghan Lade's lap - so sweet.  Oh, and Spiderman Jack too
We celebrated New Year's Eve at the Neus' house.  Since they live on the other side of town, we went early and had sort of a pre-party there.  Then we headed back to the Ashers' house to get off the road (crazies out there on NYE) and put Charlie and Ethan down.  It was low-key but was a fun night.  Jack, Addison and Reghan made s'mores so that was fun.

Jack and Addi were still awake at midnight!!  We were packed up and ready to go at 12:01 but there were fireworks outside so Jack preferred to stay inside to watch them (he's still not sure how he feels about them).  So we headed home at about 12:05 instead.  And that's how we closed out 2012.

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