Play Dates

I have several posts to catch up on, so I'll start with the recent play dates we've had.  On the Friday before Christmas we had two separate play dates at our house - one in the afternoon and one in the evening.

My friends from college came over for lunch, including Amanda who lives in San Antonio and we haven't seen since last Christmas!  We had a nice visit - it's hard to believe how big all the babies are getting already!  We missed Lisa and her girls, who were sick, Alison and her girls who didn't make the trip home from New York this Christmas and of course Jenny who we see less often (though her family came to St. Louis this summer as a special treat!).  We had only boys this time!

We attempted a photo shoot as always, but as we expected that was no easy feat.  At first Jack wouldn't cooperate:
Nathan Weber, Charlie, Jack and Ethan Beckerle

Then he finally sat down for a few minutes....
 But then we lost Ethan....
 Ah well, we'll get good pictures of our kids together in a few years.

Our second play date was with some of my oldest friends and their new babies.  My friend Steve Smith had a baby boy, Ryan, on October 8, and my friend Jules Stanczak (who lives in Chicago) had a baby girl, Evelyn, on October 11.  So Charlie is exactly a month older than the other two.  There is a drastic size difference, no?  To be fair, Evelyn was born 6 weeks early, so she's just an itty bitty thing and Ryan is the normal size for a 2.5 month-old, Charlie just happens to be on the larger side.
Charlie, Evelyn & Ryan, just before Evelyn projectile spit-up on Charlie's arm & face. :)

Take 2 (with Charlie in his jammies)

Ryan Smith
Evelyn Stanczak

The is the best we could do with Jack - AGAIN, being a 2-year-old

Of course he was all smiles later!
Here's a little video of the babes, including a demonstration of Charlie's talking:

Our final play date of the holidays was the day after Christmas.  We were having withdrawals from Addi (and all the Ashers) so they came over to visit.
Addi & Jack being silly

Charlie & Ethan hanging out

Addi & Jack watching The Lion King on our bed

We got to witness Ethan's 1st rollover!!

Big guys having tummy time together

Checking each other out
Yum!  Homemade pudding pops!

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