Charlie had his first taste of solid foods on Saturday.  We debated skipping the cereals altogether after I read that some people think it doesn't provide anything valuable to the baby.  However, we asked our pediatrician at Charlie's 4-month check-up and he said he recommends starting with cereal for a couple reasons: 1. it provides iron for baby and 2. it's a good staple to have in their diet going forward (i.e. oatmeal) so it's good to start that now.  SO, rice cereal it is!

Saturday morning I mixed up about 1 tablespoon of rice cereal with some breast milk.  I made it pretty runny for his first time and he did OK with it.  Of course quite a bit dripped down his chin, but what can you expect for a first-timer?  Sunday I made the cereal just a bit thicker, and I used water instead of milk (purely out of laziness).  He did just as well, but only ate about 1/2 of the tablespoon that I made.  The reports I've gotten from day care and my mom were that he did great both Monday and Tuesday eating his new morning meal.

  My favorite part is how darn cute he looks in the high chair...

Charlie did another fun activity at day care on Monday - he sat at the big boy table (with the help of some towels stuffed on either side of him) and played with whipped cream.  They said he had a lot of fun and they sent me these pictures to prove it.  Fun!
And here are some pictures of one of Charlie's new favorite pastimes - holding his feet.  Occasionally they go in his mouth, but he's mostly just interested in holding them.

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Kelly said...

I love the feet-holding pictures, he looks so very content!