Jack is so entertaining these days with all the little things he says and does, but here are a few of my favorites from the last couple of weeks...

A couple nights ago Jason was putting him to bed and had this exchange with him:
Daddy: "I love you Jack"
Jack: "I love you Daddy"
Daddy: "I love you Jack"
Jack: "I love you Daddy"
Daddy: "I love you Jack"
Jack: "I love you Jason"

Of course Jason thought it was funny, so now Jack loves saying that every time. He's even extending it to all of us. When I tell him I love him, he responds with "I love you Mommy Jason" and a giggle. When we tell him to tell Grandma he loves her, he says "I love you Gram-ma Jason." Funny stuff.
Helping Daddy make breakfast
Jack has also become quite the back seat driver these days. He's taken to warning me "Mommy, don't hit any cars!!" almost every time we're in the van. For the record, I have not in fact hit any cars so I'm not sure what brought on this coaching. Then this weekend we were headed to my parents' house and I went a different route so I could stop at the gas station. My co-pilot started saying "I want to go to Gram-ma and Grampa Lang's house" over and over. At first I didn't respond to him because I was talking on the phone (hands-free of course), but then it occurred to me he was upset because we took a different route. Sure enough, I said "Jack we are going to Grandma and Grandpa's house" and he said "No, Gram-ma and Grampa's house WAY back there (complete with a thumb pointing behind him)." Man, this kid is smart!
Sitting at the counter eating ice cream - doesn't he seem like such a big shot??
Yum!  Dairy Queen!
And finally, I discovered a new word for which Jack's pronunciation is adorable! We played the Minchers' house Saturday night and Nathan has a new trampoline in his basement. Turns out Jack calls it a "bozantine." I know because I had him say it for me enough times so that I could write it down. I didn't want to forget that one!! Love it!

Here's a little video of Jack counting to 20 (almost) and a bonus display of the "I love you Jason" fun.

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Kelly said...

I love it and miss hearing his little voice!