Long Weekend

We had a nice long weekend since I was off today for MLK day.  We didn't do anything exciting, but sometimes those are the best weekends!

Saturday was Jason's birthday, but since he refuses to celebrate it, the best we could do was bake him a cake. My little helper was there to assist.

You'll notice Jack is in his jammies.  No this wasn't late at night or first thing in the morning.  This was smack-dab in the middle of Saturday.  He insisted on wearing his jammies ALL! DAY! this weekend and we happily obliged since we didn't have a lot going on.

Charlie had a big weekend trying out the exersaucer for the first time.  He is a big fan and is all smiles while he's hanging out in there!

Saturday Jack also practiced his coloring and cutting.  He's getting pretty at using scissors!
Today it was 55 degrees and sunny so we hit the park with the Ashers.  Jack and Daddy played baseball for awhile - we have a budding athlete on our hands.  He can actually hit a ball pitched to him about 50% of the time.  Not too shabby!

Charlie and Ethan hung out in their car seats while Jack and Addi played

We ended the weekend with some homemade deep dish stuffed crust pizza.  It was Jason's first attempt at this and it.was.perfect!  Yum!!

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