World Series Champs!!

St. Louis is a very happy city right now - our Cardinals won the World Series!  It's been a crazy couple of months - in August they were 10.5 games back and it looked like they wouldn't even make the playoffs, much less be the champs.  We've had a fun few weeks watching all the playoff games - many of which were nail-biters!  The culmination was Friday night with Game 7 of the World Series.  Jason and I had date night at Buffalo Wild Wings to cheer our Cardinals on to victory.  It was a fun game and we chose a great place to watch it - everyone was wearing red and the whole place would erupt every time something good happened.  By the end of game the whole restaurant was standing and jumping up and down.  Fun times.

Sunday we decided to take Jack and Addi down to see the victory parade.  It was a little chilly and we apparently didn't get there early enough because we didn't have a great view, BUT it was still a fun experience.  I was excited to use the zoom lens on my camera, but when there are rows of people in front of you with their hands up, it doesn't matter how fancy your camera is!  I included a few of the pictures below, but most of my 80 pictures are blurry or blocked by cheering fans.  Ah well.  We have the memories.
Grandma Lang came with us too!
In front of the Arch
The Ashers
Owner Bill DeWitt holding the trophy
MVP and hometown hero David Freese
My favorite!  Yadier Molina
Albert Pujols - quite possibly his last appearance as a Cardinal
Chris Carpenter and family
Matt Holliday
We're Number One!
Are these not the cutest little Cardinals fans you've ever seen?!?
Jack and Addi with cheesy grins
Checking out each other's gloves while we were waiting for the parade to start
Seriously melt my heart.  I told Jack to hold my hand in the parking lot and he wanted to hold Addison's instead.  We're saving this one for their wedding video.
We'll always be able to remember the last two World Series victories - the last one was in 2006, the year we got married and now 2011, the year Charlie was born.

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