Meeting Baby Parker!

Charlie and I returned yesterday from our trip to Rochester to meet Baby Parker.  What a little doll!!

We had a nice visit with Aunt Kelly, Uncle Greg and Parker.  It was a low key visit since we had the two babes in tow, but we got in lots of snuggle time with each other's newest additions.  We also hit the outlet mall for a five-hour shopping spree!  It was clear we were two women on a mission, having recently endured nine months of maternity clothes!!  Both babies were great during the marathon shopping.  We took a break mid-way through and had a dual nursing session in the car - I'm sure that was a sight!

Parker is quite a peanut next to her cousin.  Granted, he is three weeks her senior, but still.  We struggled to get a good picture of them side-by-side because it seemed when one was awake and content the other was sleeping, eating or fussing.  BUT, here are a few...

(this one is my favorite)

I think they're saying "Enough already!!" in this one
Charlie did great on his first flight - well first four flights actually (there are no direct flights so we had two each way).  He mostly slept on the planes which was easy.  We were lucky and had a full row to ourselves on three of the four flights.  The fourth and final flight was the roughest because it was a totally full flight.  I was surrounded my men who appeared rather uncomfortable when I had to feed Charlie twice.  I was discreet with my nursing cover, but it's still obvious what's going on and my seat-mate deliberately stared out the window the whole time.  Sorry buddy, baby's gotta eat!  We also had diaper blowouts on the first and last flights, but I was prepared for those with spare outfits, so no biggie.

Charlie's first flight:

 Uncle Greg & Charlie
Kel & Parker
Jason and Jack picked us up at the airport and Jack ran to me and jumped into my arms.  Love it!  Then he couldn't stop leaning into Charlie's car seat to kiss him.  It's clear he missed his baby brother!!

Parker will be venturing on her first flight in just a few weeks when she and Kelly come home for Thanksgiving. Greg will come a few days later.  We can't wait for their visit!

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