Happy Halloween!

We had a nice, albeit busy, Halloween.  It started with a parade at Jack's school.  He was great and just waved at me as he walked by and kept going.  Big shot. 

He's the second fireman to the right side of this picture.  His buddy Cooper (who he calls "Pooper") was a fireman too.
Then we attempted to get a group picture of his class - no easy task!  Jack is on the left side of the bench - red hat.
Charlie attended the parade too.
Then in the evening we went to the Ashers for a quick photo shoot with Addison the ladybug and Reghan the pumpkin (she wasn't into having pictures taken yet).

Then we headed down the street to the Minchers so we could see Nathan the cheeseburger.
And Tyson the pumpkin and Charlie the Tootsie Roll got in the action

Then it was off to Trick or Treat!  At the first house, Jack thought he was supposed to go in the house - oops!  Luckily it was just the Minchers' and Ashers' neighbor.
I mean, how cute is this??
The true test!  An honor system house - it was hard for them to understand "just take one" and they needed a little help from their parents.
After about 4 houses, we left to go over to Grandma & Granpda Claytons for some more trick or treating.  It was a little chilly by then, so Charlie hung out inside for part of the time.
The cousins: Charlie, Minnie Mouse Mia, Lily the witch and Jack
After trick or treating we sang Happy Birthday to Grandma and ate yummy cake!  We took one picture of Grandma with the kiddos, then Jack lost interest.
Then he decided to move into the background
Here are the boys in their Halloween jammies
This one is funny because Charlie started to slouch over onto Jack and he just looked at him like "what the heck are you doing??"  Love it.

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