Happy Thanksgiving

We had a very nice Thanksgiving week.  Aunt Kelly and Baby Parker got to St. Louis on Sunday and spent the whole week here (Uncle Greg arrived Wednesday).  We had lots of quality time hanging out.

On Monday we attempted to surprise Grandma with a professional picture of the three grand kids.  Unfortunately the eldest was in full-fledged two-year-old mode and refused to participate.  SO, the babies it is (I don't have an electronic copy so this photo of a photo will have to do):
Jack loved meeting baby "Parper" and wanted to shower her with kisses as he does with Charlie.
 Isn't she a doll??
 On Thursday we had a jam-packed day of family gatherings. We started at my Aunt Jan & Uncle Lynn's house for lunch.  It was a nice visit.
Charlie spent the majority of the time snoozing in his car seat
Jack & PaPaw played with Uncle Lynn's remote-control boat in the pond behind their house
Greg has the magic touch with his baby girl!
Cool dude kept his shades on the whole time we were there
Our family
Whole Lang family
Aunt Kelly, Parker and Uncle Greg
Jack & Uncle Greg feeding the ducks
At about 3:00 we headed to my Uncle Steve & Aunt Lori's to visit with my dad's side of the family.  Luckily, Jack fell asleep on the way there (we were not looking forward to a nap-free day), so Daddy dropped Charlie and me off and drove around for about 45 minutes to let Jack snooze.  We had fun there too - Jack discovered a new talent...playing ping pong!  He and PaPaw were downstairs playing and when I went down to check it out he wanted me to leave.  My aunt and I convinced him to let me watch him hit the ball two times, but as soon as he hit it the second time he ran over and started pushing me out of the room.  I guess he's independent...
Another Charlie & Parker photo op
 Then our third and final stop was at Grandma & Grandpa Clayton's house.  We had a delicious dinner there and Jack had a blast (as always) playing with his cousins.
Charlie & Jack showing off their Thanksgiving jammies
Charlie, Jack, Mia & Lily

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