Jack had a very nice first Thanksgiving. We went to my Aunt Jan and Uncle Lynn's house for lunch, then went to Grandma & Grandpa Clayton's house for dinner. Jack was a good boy despite being toted all around and missing one of his naps!

He is just getting more fun each and every day - the latest development is his laugh. He's been laughing out loud for several weeks now, but just in the past week he's really started to belly laugh. It is the cutest thing we've ever heard! The littlest things just make him crack up - so fun!

Cyndi and I braved the stores on Black Friday, as we do every year. It was a looooong day of shopping - we started at 5:00 am and got home after 3:00 pm. It was worth it though, I made some great progress on my Christmas shopping, and got a couple good deals for myself too!

Since we had a beautiful 70-degree sunny day yesterday, Jason got the Christmas lights put up and got to wear shorts while doing so. Crazy! Hard to believe we had that weather at the end of November, but we'll take it! I had grand intentions of getting out the Christmas decorations this weekend, but with Sunday coming to a close, it's not looking too promising. Maybe next weekend...

Jason gave me my Christmas present early - a new camcorder!! I am so excited! We've taken a couple of videos to test it out, and we hope to document all of Jack's upcoming milestones!

Here's a video of Jack's morning wake-up routine. After we unswaddle him (if he hasn't done so on his own already), he stretches and rubs his eyes and then just smiles and smiles at us! Mornings are fun - even though they start at 6:30!

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