Jack had a new first. We were at the Minchers' house last night for their annual friends Thanksgiving and Jack tried out Nathan's jumperoo. He loved it!! Didn't do a lot of bouncing just yet, but he had this expression like "whoa!" I brought his exersaucer upstairs this morning because apparently he's ready for it, but I'm thinking we might have to ask Santa to bring him a jumper too.Here are some more pictures from the Thanksgiving party.

Ryan & Nathan and Jason & Jack:
Jack and Addi:Little chubby cheeks man:Our family:
My maternity leave has come to an end - I go back to work tomorrow. It has completely flown by - I wish maternity leave was a full year long like it is in parts of Europe. I really wish I could stay home full time with Jack, but at least I know he will be in good hands (Grandma & Grandpa Lang 2 days/week, Grandpa Clayton 2 days/week and Daddy 1 day/week or more as his schedule allows this winter).

In other news, Jack was on the front page of stltoday.com on Friday! At the suggestion of one my mom's friends, I submitted a picture of him in his Marine costume to the paper. It was the "featured photo" on the front page for almost the whole day. Our famous little man!

You can see him in the middle of the page in the screen print below.
If you open his picture on the website, you can see the comments that people have made - people were saying things like "my brother is a Marine - he would love this" and "Jack you look so cute in your Marine costume." So fun!