One Week Down

Well, we all survived my first week back at work. I cried a lot on Sunday, but was relatively tear-free during the week. That is, aside from Tuesday night when Jack refused to smile at me when I got home - that brought on some tears. He's learning though - I received smiles galore when I got home Thursday and Friday! I've got a lot going on at work, so that certainly helps to make the days go by quickly. Jason spent a lot of time home with Jack this week and he is now on my bandwagon praying we win the lottery so we can stay home with our little man!

Jack is doing very well - he enjoyed all the extra time with his daddy and grandparents this week. He's really starting to use his hands more and more - he grabs onto anything he can reach: the bottle, my shirt, his burp cloth, toys, etc. He's also making some more sounds - I've been hearing the 'O' sound a lot more - though he still loves that gurgle!

We currently wrap him in a Swaddle Me blanket every night and during naps, but lately he finds his way out of it almost every time. The other night I went in to calm him down, and this is what I found. Silly little man. It's probably time to start weaning him from the swaddle. The problem is, he seems to wake himself up more if his arms aren't confined in a swaddle. We'll have to gradually get him used the freedom I suppose.

Three nights this week, Jack slept the entire night (about 8:30pm - 6:00am) without waking up at all!! Usually he needs a pacifier replacement once or twice. That was quite a blessing during my first week back!

We tried out his new Baby Einstein video this morning (thanks Grandma Lang) and he liked it, but was not mesmerized like I expected. I think he was getting sleepy when I turned it on, so maybe another day he'll pay more attention.

Hard to believe Jack will be 3 months old Tuesday!! Time flies!

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