Ultrasound #6 - 28 Weeks

We had another doctor visit on Tuesday. I took my glucose test, which consisted of drinking 10 oz of what tasted like very flat Sprite followed by a blood test exactly one hour later. They will get the results today and no news is good news, so we're hoping I don't get a phone call! They are testing for gestational diabetes.

The rest of the visit went well - we got to look at Fletch for quite awhile, and the doctor showed us where exactly he/she is positioned - the head is down low, facing to my right, the back is up & down along the left side of my belly, the rump is right in the middle in the top of my belly and the legs and arms are on the right side of my belly. This makes sense since I feel the majority of the movement on the right side. Pretty cool!

Fletch's heartbeat was 143 this time, which the doctor says is a boy heartbeat again. I have now gained 20 pounds (eek!) - they say that's on target.

My latest ailment, which the doctor says I can't do much about unfortunately, is a VERY sore tailbone! Every day I come home from work whining and complaining because my tailbone is SO sore - I guess from sitting in a chair all day. I try to walk around some, but my work is at my computer, so there's only so much I can do.

Here are the latest pictures of Fletch. The first one is a profile of his/her face looking to the right:
This is a good one of the arm and fist. At the bottom of the picture, you can see a knee (on the left), shin and foot. At the top you can see the neck & chin.
This one shows Fletch's little legs crossed. The right foot is in the middle of the picture and the left hand is right above it.
In other news, I had my first rude/random stranger comment. I was checking out at Schnucks and the cashier and I had the following conversation:
Rude lady: Are you due SOON?
Me: No, not until August.
Rude lady: WOW! You are so POINTY!
Me: (jaw dropped I'm sure, how do you respond to that and what does it even mean?)
Rude lady: Is there only one in there??
Me: Yes.

First, why do people think it's OK to comment on your body just because you're carrying a child and second, I know a lot of pregnant people and I am average size - not larger or more "pointy" than others. Strange.

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Modern Mama said...

Pointy! That's a new one. Yes, people have a license for rudeness when you are pregnant for some reason. Or at least they think so. It just gets worse too. Get ready for some "You're HUGE!" comments. Clueless!
Fletch looks great. Amazing detail!