Belly - 29.5 Weeks

Here's my latest belly picture - I'm about 29.5 weeks. Getting closer!We had a nice weekend. I was in Dallas Wednesday night through Friday night for training, and I discovered that sitting in training while 6.5 months pregnant is not ideal. But I learned a lot and I now have enough continuing education hours for 2009 to keep my CPA license in tact, so mission accomplished.

Saturday my mom and I shopped for a girl outfit and a boy outfit to take to the hospital with us. It was much harder than I thought! I was doing some serious over-analyzing trying to decide! I'm happy with what we ended up with though.

Saturday night we celebrated our nephew Taylor's 15th birthday. I can't believe he's 15! He's old enough to get his driver's permit - crazy!

Today we went a couples shower for Jamie & Tim. It was a beautiful day and the shower was in Tim's parents' backyard - it was a great day for it! I think Jason was pleasantly surprised with his first ever couples shower.

It was a nice day. Lots of quality husband-wife time, which is much appreciated these days with Jason so busy with lawn care and me so sleepy all the time.

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