We have rooms!

As we expected, they have finished drywalling every wall. It's amazing how fast they finished it! They also put the metal corner things up, so I imagine they'll be taping & mudding all this week. It looks so great - we are so excited to see the finished product. It seems like everything that is left to do is big things, so it will be fun to watch!

They haven't starting on the brick project yet - maybe they're cursing us and secretly hoping we change our minds back. We have made 6 amendments to our contract so far, with another small one on the way. We asked the sales lady if we're the most annoying people she's dealt with and she said one couple had 10 amendments. Hopefully we can keep it under that so we're only the 2nd most annoying people.

My camera battery died while we were out there last night (I know, brilliant), so I only really got one picture. This is the kitchen as viewed from between the kitchen area & the living room. The sink will be behind that green part of the wall and that whole 1/2 wall will be a breakfast bar area. Notice the pretty archway that Jason & his dad built.

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