Fireplace dilemma

We found out yesterday that they screwed up our fireplace. We wanted a raised brick hearth, and when they installed our fireplace, they put it in too low to accommodate a raised hearth. We had 4 choices to remedy this: 1) make them rip it out and re-do it, which would involve ripping out siding, part of a roof overhang and drywall, 2) have a low brick hearth (2 bricks high instead of 4 bricks high) and still have the brick up the sides and on top like we wanted, 3) switch to marble or 4) switch to barcelona-style (see pictures below). We didn't really want them to rip it out because that will only delay us. I decided that marble is too formal for me. I liked the barcelona, but again, it's pretty formal. We decided to go with option 2. These builders are lucky we're easy-going!!
Option 3 is on the left & option 4 is on the right:
The good news of the day is that I asked if we could paint our kitchen & bathrooms before they install the cabinets, flooring & trim, and they said that was no problem! Most builders would not allow this. Not only are they allowing it, they also said we need to leave our extra paint there in case they mess it up and have to touch up for us. Nice! I'm calling tomorrow to find out when they'll be finished putting the primer on all the walls, but my guess is we'll be painting this weekend.

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