More brick

We decided to add more brick to the front of our house. We just think that something is missing - we aren't liking how the siding goes right down to the windows. Anyway, we called to get a quote and we heard back Friday. We decided it was reasonable, so we're going ahead with it. They're going to rip out the siding and add about 2 feet of brick above the windows & the garage, along with a row of stone above the windows & garage doors.

Jason went out today and ran all of the coax cable - basically made a cable hook-up in every room, including the mater bathroom so I can watch the Today show while I'm getting ready!! He also ran wires for our future in-house music system, which will boast a volume control in every room. All that's left is running the speaker wire, which he'll hopefully get to do Tuesday night. It was another hot one, so 4.5 hours of work was plenty!

We're meeting with the mortgage guy tomorrow night, so cross your fingers that rates plummet overnight tonight!

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