Jason's best friend's wedding

This has been a summer of big weddings! Greg & Melissa got married yesterday, and we had a blast! The ceremony was perfect and reception was lots of fun. Jason was a groomsman, and I acted as the pseudo-wedding coordinator, which earned me the title "Wedding Nazi" by one of Jason's friends (what can I say, I got flustered when I had a job to do and no one was listening).

I have never seen Jason dance so much in his life - he is crediting the suspenders (see below). I think I'll be purchasing him a pair for Christmas if that's all it takes to get him to boogie! All in all, it was a fabulous day, and now they're off to Jamaica for a relaxing honeymoon. We wish we were leaving tomorrow for our honeymoon again...

We also had a re-creation of the "Keiner Plaza Sleeping Bum" picture from our wedding - how do these men sleep through this? My guess is they're not sleeping so much as they are passed out. Our wedding is on the left and yesterday is on the right. A lot of pressure on Darrin & Chrissy to keep this trend going next year at their wedding!

As for the house, they've started taping & mudding, but haven't even gotten the first round on all the nail holes yet, so I think it will be late this week before anything exciting happens.

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