Nora at 6 Months

Nora turned 6 months old on June 4!  That 1/2 year flew by, as they always do!  She is getting so big!  At her check-up, we learned she (like her brothers) is rather large for her age.  She weighs 21 lbs (99th percentile!!) and is 27.2 inches long (91st percentile).  She had to get shots and once again she was not a big fan (who can blame her??), but she recovered quickly.

Last month, Nora started really grabbing for things, and now she will grab for anything in sight.  The benefit of all this grabbiness (can we pretend that's a word?) is that she now likes to hold her own bottles.  And one of her favorite positions is grabbing her toes, which we love...
She has really started rolling back to belly a lot now, but after awhile she gets frustrated on her tummy and needs help turning over.  Towards the end of this month, the big girl figured out how to sleep on her side.  She doesn't do it consistently yet, but she has spent a few naps and evenings that way.

This month Nora really started sitting up well.  She will still topple over if left sitting for too long, but she's getting stronger and stronger.  She's started taking a more consistent long nap in the mornings, and most afternoons we can get a longer stretch out of her too.  She still has some days where she chooses to cat nap, but I feel like we're finally getting into more of a nap routine now.
Nora loves both of her big brothers and is always watching everything they do.  One day I plopped her in this chair while Charlie was watching TV and she just sat there and watched right along with him.  Too cute!!

Here is a little video Grandma Clayton took of Jack making Nora laugh:

Another new first: the hand-me-down doorway jumper from Aunt Kelly.  She has fun in it, but only for short periods at a time.
Last month Nora sat in her high chair for the first time, but this month she actually got to eat food!  We started cereal the week before she turned 6 months, and not unlike her brothers, she loved it!

Last month I was a little concerned because she had laid off the talking.  Never fear!  This month, Nora started up with her babbling again.  She still hasn't gotten any teeth, and we think she is just so close!!

Here are some pictures from her 6 month photo shoot:

Here is a comparison of all 3 kids at 6 months.  I'm embarrassed to admit how long I searched for Jack's monthly sticker photos only to (finally!) remember that I didn't do them for him (I didn't know about it then).  I'm so bummed I don't have these for him, but we did get 6 month professional photos of him at least:
Jack, Charlie and Nora at 6 Months
One thing is clear in this comparison: we breed large babies in the Clayton house.

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