End of Kindergarten

Jack finished up school the 3rd week in May.  Overall he had a great kindergarten year.  If asked, his most common response was that kindergarten was "boring," so I had to constantly remind him that though they are reviewing things he already knows (letters, basic addition, etc) he also learned about several new things (holidays around the world, for example).

We really liked his teacher, Mrs. Rohret, and didn't have any complaints.  The most important thing Jack did this year (in my opinion) was improve his handwriting.  He has VERY nice printing now, and we definitely credit Mrs. Rohret for that! 

Jack made some new friends, including a few girls who "liked" him. Who knew this flirting started so young?!?  Jack was embarrassed any time I brought the girls up, so we didn't talk a ton about it.  He loved being in class with his best neighbor buddy, Jack, but the two of them started to get a little silly as the year went on.  His mom, Kim, and I agreed that the chances of them being in class together again was unlikely so we started warning them early on of that possibility.

The last week of school there was a school-wide awards ceremony. Only 5th grade parents are invited, so we weren't there, but my teacher friend did capture photos/videos of our big guy winning an award.  He received the Golden Apple Award.  Each teacher gets to pick one student to give his/her award to for the reason of his/her choice.  Jack's teacher gave him the award for "his eagerness to stretch his mind and always learn new things."  We are so proud of our big guy!!  He thought it was awesome that he got the very first award of the whole ceremony!

On the last day of school, I took 1/2 day and volunteered at Jack's Field Day.  It was a beautiful day, which was great since most events were outside.  Unfortunately I got stuck in the gym at the parachute station, but it was still fun.  After all 5 kindergarten classes came through, I sneaked outside to watch for a little while before I headed into work.

 Here are some of my favorite writings/artwork that came home with Jack at the end of the school year.

It was a great first year!

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