May 2016 Rochester Trip

My mom, the kids and I flew to Rochester to visit the Goforth crew for Memorial Day weekend.  It was a very quick trip (we arrived mid-day Friday and left late Sunday afternoon), but it was still a nice visit.  The kids have so much fun with their cousins!!

We spent the night at my parents' house the night before we left so we'd be closer to the airport.  This is how I found the boys in the morning...
 At the airport, waiting for our flight...

There are no direct flights, so we had a layover each way unfortunately.  Nora didn't do quite as great on the way there as she did on our flights to/from Florida.  At one point the flight attendant asked me if I wanted to try nursing her (I had already tried) and then assured me that letting her cry was just fine.  She said it's not as loud as I fear it is, and a lot of times the crying helps with their ears.  Not easy on Mommy though to just let my babe cry.  She was kind of out of sorts the rest of the day Friday too. Poor baby girl.  She recovered nicely the next day though and was her normal, easy going self the rest of the weekend.

Friday when we got there we just hung out at their house and played outside.  The boys played a lot of catch while we were waiting for Parker and Graham to get home from school...
 Then there was a group art session, some playing on the floor with Nora, some bouncy house time and showers all around.

 Charlie zonked out fairly early.  It had been a long day!!

 When I went to check on the boys (on an air mattress in Parker's room), silly Charlie was again sleeping with his head at the wrong end.
 Saturday morning we played in the yard for awhile (Nora watched from inside), then went to Parker's soccer game, which was fun.  Jack loved that Parker's cousin Collin was there too and he got to play soccer with him.

 After soccer we headed to a park for a picnic.  It was unseasonably warm there (100 degrees!), so we found a nice shaded area to eat.

 Saturday evening we walked into downtown Pittsford for a festival. The kids got to do a hayride and we ate dinner there.  Since it was so hot, we headed out early to get back to the air condition.  Jack had a bathroom emergency, so he ran home alongside Uncle Greg (who was on his bike) while the rest of us walked.  Ha!!

Charlie thought the petting zoo was stinky!

 Back home in the air condition...

Sunday morning we went to the bouncy place to burn some energy and then had a nice lunch outside (it was a little cooler on Sunday).

We had two uneventful flights home, which was such a relief!
Another fun cousin visit is in the books!

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