Nora at 4 Months

Our baby girl is growing up fast!  She turned four months old on April 4th!  She is the most laid-back, happy little baby.  She rarely fusses, and is always dishing out smiles, especially to her big brothers (who get a little disappointed in the odd case where she doesn't smile at them).

This month Nora gave us her first laugh!  On a Friday night just about a week after she turned 3 months old, I was just talking to her on the couch and I think I made some funny noises and next thing you know she was laughing.  We all got to witness it, which was so great!  We've gotten her to laugh a few times since then, but so far she's been kind of stingy with those chuckles.

At four months, baby girl is still sleeping swaddled.  We think she's almost ready to ditch the swaddle, but we haven't tried it yet at night yet.  She does take naps unswaddled and her most common position is arms above the head.  She's still sleeping great, going anywhere from 10.5 to 12 hours overnight.

This month Nora started really drooling, blowing bubbles, sticking anything and everything into her mouth, especially her hands and toys.

We also got out the ol' Bumbo seat and Ms Nora thought she was quite the hot shot sitting in that thing!  We've been getting a lot of use out of it, as she now prefers sitting in that over her bouncy seat. 

Nora had her four month check-up and everything went well.  She is growing very quickly, just like her big brothers did.  She weighed 17 lbs, 10 oz (96th percentile), was 25 3/4" long (93rd percentile) and had a head circumference of 17" (98th percentile).  I compared her weight to her brothers: Charlie at 4 months was 17 lbs, 9 oz (almost exactly the same!) and Jack was 20 lbs, 13 oz at 4 months.  She had to get two shots in her thigh plus a liquid immunization squirted in her mouth.  She wasn't a fan of the shots, but calmed down pretty quickly.

Here are the pictures from Nora's four month photo shoot.  She gave me one measly little smile...

And a little comparison of our girl at month 1-4:

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