Easter 2016

We had a great Easter once again this year.  We hosted my mom's family on Saturday and the weather was perfect!  We got to sit outside and the boys had fun playing baseball and basketball, especially when my cousin's son A.J. joined in.

Easter morning the boys got to find the eggs the Easter Bunny hid for them.  He brought them a new game for their Wii (the one they played at the Ramirez house while we were in Florida), along with some money and candy.  Somehow I neglected to take a single picture of our morning at home.

After we were finished at home we headed up the street to the annual egg hunt with the neighbors.  So many kiddos!  They loved it and got a LOT of candy!

It was a little chilly that morning so Nora was bundled up

 After lunch we went to my Aunt Patty's house for a quick visit with my dad's family.  The boys got to do another egg hunt while were there!

 We finished the night off with the Clayton crew.

Another nice holiday!  Easter is one of my favorites because we spread it out between two days, which seems much more manageable.

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