Miscellaneous Summer Fun - June 2015

Just a few hodge podge posts so I don't miss any of our summer fun!

I tried to take the boys on lunch dates when I could, especially Jack since the days were numbered of having him a few buildings over while I worked.  Our favorite was to get take-out Moe's and take it to the park.  We'd eat and then walk around the path.

 One Saturday after Charlie & Brooks' soccer game, we hit up the Home Depot for the kids building workshop.  We built some pretty cool trucks!
 One night we picked up Caroline and Graham for a play date because their mommy (Rebecca) was at the very end of her pregnancy.  I thought she could use a break, so I kidnapped her kids for an evening.  We don't get these kiddos together enough - they got along so great!  Jack and Caroline are about 8 months apart (both 5 years old) and Graham and Charlie are just a week apart.  We started out at Monkey Joe's for some bouncing fun.  Tough to get a non-blurry picture of these busy bodies!
 Jack and Charlie on the way down; Caroline and Graham on the way up:

 After Monkey Joe's we went to dinner at Noodles:
 Then we hit up Millennium Park in Creve Coeur:

Caroline and Jack on the lookout for the other two

 Then we stopped and picked out popsicles at the gas station and took them to Stacy Park for a little more play time.

 What a fun night we had!!

We also did quite a bit of swimming - this was just a random Sunday with the neighbors.  The life guards call "adult swim" when they need a break, so the kiddos were patiently waiting for the OK to get back in the pool...
 The boys got to go to the farm one weekend with Grandma and Grandpa!  We're told they fished pretty much the entire weekend...
 One day at Grandma & Grandpa Lang's house, the boys played Marines..
 Pardon the yelling, but here are the boys marching and singing the Marine Corps Hymn...

And we build A LOT of Lego creations.  Here are a few of Jack's:
And a couple of Charlie's:
The are both getting pretty good at building and are always so proud!

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