Zoo Class

In early April Jack and I did another class at the zoo.  It was nice to have a little Jack/Mommy time, which doesn't happen often.  We got there a little early so we could ride the train first (of course!).

 The class was all about the various habitats in the exhibits.  Each kid got to pick an animal and build a zoo exhibit for that animal.  First they drew a blueprint of what they were planning, then built it using all the different supplies around the room.  There was also some investigation aspect mixed in with clues a la Phineas and Ferb.  Jack had a lot of fun.  He chose a spider, so we gathered trees and greenery and a fence to keep them contained.  

Then a box of train cars appeared and our exhibit took a turn...
We also got to meet some live animals like a giant turtle and an owl.

After the class we treated ourselves to some ice cream - yum!

This is our second zoo class and won't be our last.  I tried to sign both Jack and Charlie up for a class during the summer, but unfortunately all the classes that fit in our schedule (i.e. weekends) were already sold out.  Note to self: register early!

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