Friend Birthday Parties

The boys (especially Jack) have been invited to a lot of birthday parties these last few months.  We have tried to go whenever we can fit them in the schedule, and they always have a great time.

One was at Play Your Art Out in Chesterfield Mall.  It was definitely a girl's party - not the typical wild and crazy bouncing and running, but quiet play and painting.  Jack had fun, especially when they said the kids were going to ride the mall train!

Yes, our child towers over most of his classmates....

Side note: I noticed when we got to the mall that Jack had two different shoes on - haha!!

This one was at Kokomo Joe's and had a little bit of everything!  Bouncing, pizza & cake, mini golf and arcade games.  Jack had a lot of fun with his school buddies.  The birthday boy is in his class, but Jack is also good buddies (probably better buddies) with his older brother, so he was excited.  This was also his first mini golf experience.  We look forward to playing again this summer!

We went to our friend Austin's (a.k.a. Ozzy) birthday party at Miss Kelly's Gym, which was formerly a Little Gym, for those who are familiar with that chain.  Always a fun party and LOTS of energy burning!!

Then Charlie was invited to a party at the same place a couple weeks later with his classmates.  Fun!

We've been having lots of fun checking out all these places with our friends.  I learned a little trick from a friend at work for when kids get to this birthday party stage: buy several girl and boy gifts when they're on sale or when you think of it and keep them in a box in your basement.  Then when you realize you have a party to go to in a couple days, no worries!  Just go down and pick out an appropriate gift!  I've been using this strategy with the classmates since I don't know much about their interests.  For our nieces and close friends it's more fun to pick out something specific for the birthday kid.

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Drew Watts said...

Glad to know about this frolic birthday party. Not able to select a perfect gift for my best friend's birthday next month. I think she has already booked one of her favorite San Francisco venues for the celebration. Will bake some gem cupcakes for her. Hope all of us have a great time.