Jack's First Soccer Team

Starting at the end of August, Jack played on his first real soccer team.  Uncle Todd graciously agreed to coach them so Jack, Lily, her dance friend Charlotte and Charlotte's twin brother Sullivan could all play together.  They played 3-on-3 with no goalie on a small field with small goals through the City of O'Fallon.  Jack LOVED it!  The first week he was a little timid, but got more and more aggressive as the weeks went on.  He ended up scoring quite a few goals, some for the other team, but most for his team.  We loved watching him play and get better each week.


Jack, Charlotte & Sullivan

Go Team! (or something like that)

End of game hand shake
At the last game they each received a medal and their very own soccer ball.  Jack was so proud of both!

I even managed to get a few of his goals on video!  He is #10:
We can't wait to start his indoor league this weekend with many of the same kids and a few new ones.  Thank goodness for Uncle Coach Todd!

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Kelly Goforth said...

I love the shot of him running down the sideline right by you in that last video. So darn cute