Charlie's 2nd Birthday Party

For Charlie's 2nd birthday party I decided to do an alphabet theme.  I quickly learned in searching pinterest for ideas that 'ABC Party' has a totally different meaning.  Apparently people have 'Anything But Clothes' parties where they come dressed in bubble wrap, curtains, etc.  Not exactly what I had in mind for my 2 year-old, so I started referring to is as alphabet party instead.

We invited the regular crew of our immediate family, a few friends and our neighbors, and got really lucky with beautiful weather once again.  We didn't really do any alphabet activities; I just used the theme in decorating and favors.

 I printed these flash cards for free from here, which worked out nicely.  I sent them to Jack's school after the party so they can get more use.
 I made labels for the food (P is for Potatoes, C is for Corn) for which I got made fun of but I secretly think people enjoyed knowing what kind meat they were getting (P is for pork and B is for brisket!).

For the favors I ordered these little coloring books that were personalized throughout the book (i.e., "Charlie, did you know Alligator starts with A?").  They were cuter than I expected.  I also got these alphabet stencil rulers and a little sticky pad of paper with the first letter of their names.  I wrapped them in craft paper and stuck a label on it (C is for Charlie; A is for Addison, etc).

NOW, on to the good stuff: the party.  Charlie had a great time with all of his friends.  I got shirts made for both Jack and Charlie (what is my obsession with personalized shirts?!?) from this shop on etsy.com.

Levi & Drake hanging out in a laundry basket - brilliant move by Chrissy!

Grandpa Clayton with Charlie and Mia

Getting ready to watch gift opening: Hayden, Addi, Zoey, Reghan & Lily

The Tonys from next door
He was so funny during presents getting very enthusiastic as he opened each gift and shouting "DANK DO" after every one.

These videos captured it nicely:

He was pretty shy during cake, but enjoyed eating it!
I bought a chocolate mold and use the colored melting chocolates from Michael's the make these letters.
 Charlie's signature 'I'm being shy' move: one finger in the mouth...

And a video.  Still not sure how to blow out candles.  Uncle Todd to the rescue!

Another successful birthday party in the books!!

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Kelly Goforth said...

your cake turned out so cute!! can use those letter chocolate molds just for names or anything in future, love it