Zoo Class, Take 2

I signed Jack up for two classes at the St. Louis Zoo this summer.  The first was on a Grandma/Grandpa day so Grandpa agreed to take him for me while I was at work.  They arrived a few minutes early and the teacher was overwhelming in Jack's face and that was that.  He refused to go in, even after they walked around and talked for awhile.  Ho hum.

For class #2, Grandma and Grandpa were in New York visiting Kelly, Greg and Parker so I took off work and took Jack myself.  The class was called Zoo Clues and it was really cute.  It was mostly classroom-based, learning about which animals have bones, fur, etc.  We got to see and touch several live animals, including an owl, a snake, an iguana and a few others.  At the end we went out into the zoo and did a little scavenger hunt.  It took Jack a short time to warm up but then he was answering the instructor's questions and joining in.  It was fun; we'll definitely do another class in the future!

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