Painting Pottery

A few months ago Melissa saw a Groupon for a place in Kirkwood called Pottery Hollow.  She called and asked if we should both buy it and take the kids, so I agreed.  We went a few weeks ago and it was a lot of fun.  Each of them got to pick out one thing to paint from a whole range of clay things: mugs, bowls, figurines, etc.  Jack chose a jet and Addison chose a unicorn.  Both of them started out painting pretty mellow color schemes but very quickly both were running back to the color choices and grabbing this and that.  Melissa and I had to bite our tongues to keep from continually saying "are you sure you want to add that big blob of XX?"  In the end both of their masterpieces turned out great and they had a lot of fun!

While we were there both Melissa and I decided to do our own painting as well.  I made these for our new toy room downstairs where I'm planning to do a sport-ish theme and she made something similar for Ethan's future baseball bedroom.
It was a fun little Sunday activity that I'm sure we'll do again sometime.

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