Swim Lessons

This summer, Jack had some semi-private swim lessons.  My friend Rebecca's parents have a nice backyard pool, so Rebecca did some research and found a girl on craigslist that would do lessons for Jack, her daughter Caroline and our friend Christa's son, Evan.  In total there were 6 lessons.  We missed two due to conflicts and the final one this past Saturday got cancelled because Ms Alyssa had the flu.  In the three lessons that we did go to, Jack made some pretty good progress.

Each week we stayed after lessons and ate lunch together, which the kids also enjoyed:
Charlie, Graham Presson, Evan Chancellor, Caroline Presson and Jack

When we were at the lake in June, Jack liked the pool and enjoyed jumping in to us, but even with his life jacket on he was petrified of letting go of us.  In the lessons he didn't wear a life jacket but instead had small noodle to put under his arms.  The first day he would freak out if we let go of him for even a second.  The second day he was much the same way, but the third day he made a breakthrough.  I was out of the pool for much of the lesson because Charlie was having a clingy day and wasn't interested in swimming.  I watched while Ms Alyssa took Jack back and forth across the pool holding him less and less each time.  After awhile he relaxed and didn't seem so nervous.

After the lesson, Rebecca had a pool party, so several more of our friends came over as well.  I put Jack in his life jacket and next thing I knew he was swimming all over the pool on his own.  I was so proud!!

I didn't take a lot of pictures, but here is one Rebecca captured at the party:
Caroline and Charlie being silly
Hopefully we can get up to our neighborhood pool a time or two before it closes on Labor Day so we can keep the momentum going!

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