Generation Three

My parents have been hanging out with a big group of friends for many, many years (well before they had kids, and some even back to when my dad was growing up).  Obviously we spent a lot of time with them growing up so Kelly and I have always been good friends with all their kids.  This is the same group we take the lake trip with, but we also had another get together a few weeks later.  We had many, but certainly not all, of the 3rd generation of friends together, so we had to take advantage of the photo opp.  We're probably going to need a bigger couch one of these years!!

You can't quite see all their faces, but here's the roll call from left to right: Lucas Stanczak, Dylan Trost, Tommy Wehrley, Charlie and Jack, Evelyn Stanczak, Samantha Bosworth, Alex Wehrley, Grace Eisel, Tori Brasier, Amelia and Cora Trost, Graham Eisel, Brooks Bosworth and Lily Hefley on the back of the couch.  Phew!!
 And then some of the 2nd generation: Jeff Brasier, me, Lindsay Bosworth, Kristen Knoop, Jules Stanczak, Dan Hefley, Angie Trost, Carrie Hefley and Laura Wehrley.
 And my dad finally got to meet Laura's twin boys after missing them due to naps, etc at the lake.  Here are the two Tommys bonding:
 And of course little Tommy had to check out big Tommy's mustache!
We had a fun night getting everybody together again!!  Thanks to Joan for hosting!

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