Birthday Prelude

Jack celebrated his 4th birthday last Saturday.  I decided to do a birthday countdown like I did last year.
It was a big hit once again.  Each night he got to pop one balloon and inside was usually some small candy (Pez or Smarties) to share with Charlie and a piece of paper describing that night's surprise.  One night we played hot and cold to find the present but generally they just said things like "Look where Daddy keeps his shoes for tonight's treat" or "You'll find something in your closet."  Here's a run down of what he got:

#10 - Two new books.  I discovered these Cat in the Hat Learning Library books that are still sing song-y like normal Dr. Seuss, but they're educational too.  We already have one about space and one about maps, so I got him one about the body and the other about money.  The money one is a little disappointing because it talks more about the history of money and less of a quarter = 25 cents, etc like I had hoped.  Regardless, Jack always loves receiving new books.

#9 Spiderman fuzzy coloring page + Angry Birds stationary set (with pencil case, sharpener, eraser, etc).  Small gifts but he had fun with them.

#8 A new USA map puzzle.  He loves finding New York since that's where Aunt Kelly, Uncle Greg and Parker live.  He always finds NY first and then puts it aside so he can put that one in last.

#7 $5 to spend at the toy store.  Of course, he misplaced his $5 by the time we left the house 10 minutes later, but I decided to loan him the money.  Sure enough his money turned up when we got home and he reimbursed me.  He picked out a Chuggington train - Harrison, to be exact.

#6 -Sticker puzzle.  I read about these on a blog somewhere so I thought we'd try it out.  It's basically a sheet of numbered stickers that you put on a grid to make a picture.  One night while Charlie and I ran to the store and Jason was out working on the patio, Jack stayed inside and did almost a whole puzzle on his own.  This will be a great road trip activity for sure!

#5 - Mission Control Table Cover.  I picked this guy up on Zulily.com or one of those sites just to have for a gift for someone someday. Jason and I went back and forth about whether he would like it.  It's basically a tablecloth that fits over your coffee table and has buttons and levers printed on it.  Jason said it would be too boring, so of course I had to give it to him to prove him wrong.  Then unfortunately I got stuck really late at work that night and didn't get to see him open it.  I told my mom "I bet Jason downplayed it so he would be right."  Much to my surprise when I got home and went to check on him in his room, he was sleeping soundly using the cover instead of his sheet!  Guess it was a success after all!

#4  We went to get ice cream!  And he also got a cool Batman belt, which I picked up cheap from veryjane.com.

#3 New costumes!  This package came with a Batman, Super Man and Robin costume.  Lots of fun super hero dress-up.  His favorite is the mask that came with the Batman costume.

#2 His first movie!!  This was the day before his birthday and a Friday, so I took off work to get stuff ready for his party the next day.  I picked Jack up from school around 3:00 and took him to see his first movie - Planes!  He really liked it.  He got a little antsy in the middle and was ready to leave with about 5 minutes left in the movie, but when we got in the car he said "that was really cool Mom!" Aww...

#1 - On his birthday he received new soccer goals for the yard!  We Skyped with Aunt Kelly and Parker so they could watch him pop his balloon and go find his present outside.  When he saw the goals he said "What the?!?"  (We need to teach him something better to say like "What the heck?" or anything that doesn't imply he's going to curse).  He was excited and wanted to play soccer right away.

The other fun tradition we started last year was his annual birthday interview.  I asked him 20 questions and recorded his answers to them.  The video (below) is 7 minutes long, so I'll also just show you his responses.  He was funny this year because most questions are "what's your favorite..." and he kept naming 4-5 things for each question.  So indecisive!!

Birthday party post coming next!

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Kelly Goforth said...

I love the "Actually" part. So cute, can't wait to sneak a big hug out of him in a few weeks